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Cryo T-Sculpting

Looking for CoolSculpting in Colorado Springs?

Try Cryo t-shock.

Cryo T-Shock, sometimes called Cryoskin, is the newest and most efficient anti-aging solution you can now access right here in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO. It uses both Hot & Cold temperatures to reform the body. A Cryo T-Shock treatment destroys fat cells and increases collagen in the skin. This happens due to a response called a thermal shock and it is caused by the mixing of both hot & cold temperatures. A session typically lasts anywhere from about 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the service and area.

The Cryo T-Shock was a device designed for localized fat reduction, cellulite smoothing, anti-aging, and as a safe alternative to cool sculpting. Instead of a cold vacuum placed on the desired area, the Cryo-T Machine Uses a small pad that is used to massage the area. You do however want an experienced technician who gets results. Sherri has many years of experience and certified Cryo T-Shock specialist. Every client of hers has been happy and has gotten results.

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Benefits of cryo t-shock

• Reduces & Destroys Fat
• Lifts & Tightens the skin (Face & Body)
• Eliminates Puffiness Around the eyes & body inflammation

• Reduces Cellulite
• Produces Cell Renewal & Stimulates Collagen
• Immediate Inches Lost


Your Skin Gets a Vacuum placed on the area and that vacuum uses a highly pressured suction For About Two Hours. How Do You Think Your Body Will Feel After Being Tugged On For That Long? The Area Treated By Coolsculpting Can Feel Numb For Quite A While After The Session. Or Worse, You Can Experience Swelling, Pain, Or Bruising.

$2,000 - $4,000 per session
cryo t-shock

There is no vacuum but rather a small pad applicator that is used to massage the desired area with both HOT & COLD temperatures whereas cool sculpting only uses cold. Having Hot temperatures alternate with cold more effectively increases blood circulation into the areas being treated. This then allows the fat-burning hormones to activate and directs the dead fat cells into the lymphatic system.

$399 per session


cryo t shock.PNG
Cryo t-body
Cryo t-facial

$399 per session

$147 per session

$1499 5 pack

$635 5 pack

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