Cryo-T Sculpting, A Better Alternative to Coolsculpting in Colorado Springs

Cryo T-Shock, sometimes called Cryoskin, is the newest and most efficient anti-aging solution you can now access right here in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO. It uses both Hot & Cold temperatures to reform the body. A Cryo T-Shock treatment destroys fat cells and increases collagen in the skin. This happens due to a response called a thermal shock and it is caused by the mixing of both hot & cold temperatures. A session typically lasts about 60 minutes.

The Cryo T-Shock was a device designed for localized fat reduction, cellulite smoothing, anti-aging and as a safe alternative to cool sculpting. Instead of a cold vacuum placed on the desired area, the Cryo T Machine Uses a small pad that is used to massage the area.

See our pictures below for examples:

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For a single session at a Colorado Springs Coolsculpting spa, it could cost at least $1000 to $4000, depending on the area you choose for treatment.

But, when you go to NuWave, an average session that lasts around an hour costs $399; if you buy a 5 session package, you can get an extra session and SAVE $500.


If you’re wondering how many sessions it’s going to take to give you the physique you are dreaming of, the answer is “it depends.” Some people need several treatments before they get the results they are after. Others might see the results they wanted with just a single treatment.


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Cryo T-Shock Treatment Benefits:

• Reduces & Destroys Fat

• Lifts & Tightens the skin (Face & Body)
• Eliminates Puffiness Around the eyes & body inflammation
• Reduces Cellulite
• Lifts, tightens and firms skin

• Produces Cell Renewal & Stimulates Collagen

• Immediate Inches Lost

Why is Cryo T-Shock Better Than Coolsculpting?

First, let's talk about Coolsculpting:

‍Nobody enjoys having parts of their body pinched or prodded. It’s violating our personal space and on top of that, it's uncomfortable. That's How a Coolsculpting Session will feel. Your Skin Gets a Vacuum placed on the area and that vacuum uses a highly pressured suction For About Two Hours. How Do You Think Your Body Will Feel After Being Tugged On For That Long? The Area Treated By Coolsculpting Can Feel Numb For Quite A While After The Session. Or Worse, You Can Experience Swelling, Pain, Or Bruising. Not only that but a single coolsculpting session could easily cost anywhere between $1,000 and $4,000 dollars depending on the size of the area.

Now here's why we are a better than any coolsculpting colorado springs spa:

One of the main reasons why our Cryo T-Shock is better is because there is no intensely invasive suction on the body.
There is no vacuum but rather a small pad applicator that is used to massage the desired area with both HOT & COLD temperatures whereas coolsculpting only uses cold. By having Hot temperatures alternate with cold, this more effectively increases blood circulation into the areas being treated. This then allows the fat burning hormones to activate and directs the dead fat cells into the lymphatic system.

No Pain, No Swelling, No Bruising

So no suction pads and a more efficient device that's less invasive & that's relaxing rather than painful. And on top of that, more affordable!

Our Cryo T-Shock Body Sculpting lasts Approximately 1 hour per session.

At NuWave, In Colorado Springs, CO, You Can Pay As Little As $399 Per Session. Compared To $1000 and up Per Coolsculpting Session.

If you have any questions about our process, please give us a call and we'd be happy to answer any of your questions!

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