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Cryotherapy Chamber

Cryotherapy Chamber

Cryotherapy is a recovery process that has been gaining popularity over the last 10-plus years. Research has suggested that cool temperatures could bring a range of health benefits and that we shouldn’t always shun exposure to cold. There are a number of different methods to help individuals on their journey to health and fitness; treatments range from the application of ice packs or immersion in ice baths to the use of cold chambers. At NuWave Cryotherapy and Spa, we now offer a Cryotherapy Chamber. A cryotherapy chamber is similar to a walk-in freezer; it is a room that exposes the entire body to cold temperatures.


When you step into the cryotherapy chamber, your body undergoes a sort of transformation. The temperatures drop drastically, as low as -248 F, for a few minutes using the hybrid system combining the cooling power of liquid nitrogen and electricity. Once the temperature drops, you must remain in the chamber for at least three minutes before you step out. The dry cold penetrates through your skin causing your body temperature sensors to send a quick signal to your brain which triggers the fight or flight response. When your brain senses the extreme cold, it sends blood to flow to the torso to insulate and protect all the vital body organs. Once you step out of the chamber, oxygenated blood begins to rush to the body organs which helps with the healing process.

Like all our cryotherapy treatments in colorado springs, the chamber offers physiological benefits to help you be the best version of yourself. Although this recovery method is still relatively new in the US and UK, it has been in use since the 1970s in Japan. Some people who suffer from severe joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and even depression claim that whole body cryotherapy help in alleviating their symptoms. Athletes also claim that cryotherapy helps to improve their performance since it speeds up muscle recovery. Various studies have also proved that cryotherapy has an overall positive effect on soft body tissues and tends to slow down muscle soreness. 

Benefits of cryo chambers
  • Muscle and joint pain relief

  • Weight loss​

  • Younger-looking skin

  • Better mood and energy

  • Improved sleep


Cryo chamber

$35 per session

$220 10 pack

$399 monthly unlimited

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