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10 Great Mother's Day Gift Ideas For Health & Wellness

Mother's have such an important role in the world and that is why Mother's Day is a day to commemorate our loved mothers. Typically it takes hours, if not right up to the day before, to find the perfect mother's day gift idea, especially a gift for a health-conscious mom.

That is why we decided to put together a 2021 Mother's Day list of gift ideas for health and wellness so you can have more time to celebrate the special moms in your life!d

10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas For Health & Wellness

We broke up different types of gifts for the different types of momma bears out there! All of these Mother's Day gift ideas will be sure to have them feeling special, healthy, and happy.

Gifts That Are Edible, Drinkable, Delicious

1.Dry Farm Wines Box ($88)

We have all heard how a glass of red wine is good for the heart, so why not gift it for the mother in your life? Check out Dry Farm Wines box.

For your health-conscious moms, this clean wine is delivered right to your door! Organically grown on small family farms and low in alcohol and sugar to reduce hangover effects. It's okay to skip the tea and open up the wine!

2. Bibamba Artisan Single Origin Chocolate sample set ($36)

Chocolate is always incorporated into great gift ideas for Mother's Day. So why not support your Colorado Springs community with Bambina Chocolates you not only get the satisfaction of a delicious and pure chocolate treat but also from knowing you support local families and global communities!

Make sure to check out the crunchy coconut style, they are so good! For espresso bean lovers, you'll want to try to ground roasted coffee style. They even have their tasty plantain chocolate crisps!

Bibamba - Where every piece of chocolate is made with a love and passion for making an environmentally friendly, healthy, and delicious snack.

Gifts For The Reader

3. Simply Living Well: A Guide to Creating a Natural, Low-Waste Home ($15) By Julia Watkins

For the mom who likes to read but also loves holistic living make sure to check out this simple yet effective book that ignites thoughtful and inspiring ideas for a more healthful and eco-minded lifestyle. The author is a mother as well so she'll be sure to know the things only a mom would know! Books are always great gift ideas for health and wellness

4.Breathe, Mama, Breathe: 5-minute mindfulness for busy moms ($13)

by Shonda Moralis

If you are a mom, shopping for a mom you know just what it seems to feel like you don't even have a second to take a break. That is where Shonda's 5-minute mindfulness comes in. This is the perfect Mother's Day gift idea that will help her find a little more peace, power, and clarity in short little chapters making it doable for even the busiest moms. So let her grab her morning coffee and feel like the confident and wonderful woman she is this Mothers Day!

Gifts For The Gardener

5.Hori Hori Ultimate & Sheath ($55) For durable Mother's Day Gift Ideas, this multi-use tool is the perfect companion for all of your mother's outside escapades. Use it to help measure planting depth, scoop up soil, or more rigorous tasks like sawing branches or whittling some kindle and more. This is a gardener's tool 101! Your gardening mom will be sure to appreciate the thoughtful and resourceful gift. With the Hori Hori's delicate but durable design and functionality, you will not regret buying it as a Mother's day gift. The Hori Hori Sheath’s open end allows for easy cleaning and prevents soil buildup, preserving the Hori Hori’s blade for years of continued use.

6. Click and Grow Smart Garden ($100)

For even the moms that are just beginning their passion for health or live in a place where they can't garden outside, the Grow Smart Garden is an amazing gift that will be sure to bring a smile to her face! Gift ideas for health and wellness have never been so easy.

The Smart Garden 3 is an innovative indoor garden that cares for itself and grows fresh, flavourful herbs, fruits, and vegetables for you. Experience all the benefits of having your own garden.

Gifts For Health Benefits

7. Gift Card From Nuwave Cryotherapy Spa

Isolated (Spot) & Cryotherapy Facials

In 2021 everyone is looking for more ways to stay healthy, mothers are no exception! This Mother's Day why not treat your mom to a gift card from Colorado Springs' favorite spa? The biggest trend right now is the gift of cryotherapy treatments and facials! Colorado Springs Isolated (Spot) Cryotherapy- offer localized Cryotherapy, exposes the body to ultra-low temperatures that can range between -30˚F and -34˚F for short amounts of time. Cryotherapy is an alternative therapy method that helps to reduce cellulite, reduce pain and inflammation, helps heal injuries faster, helps with weight loss and rejuvenates the skin, amongst other things. A soothing and relaxing experience with optimal benefits!

Some clients even notice a huge boost of energy after any of our cryotherapy services!

Colorado Springs Cryotherapy Facials - These facials are like no other and can help reverse symptoms of aging, add more collagen to the skin, help remove acne scaring and more! This results in skin regaining elasticity and appears both younger and smoother. As Colorado Springs' experts in Cryotherapy Facials, we love to offer your mother the best services around!

At Nuwave Cryotherapy Spa, we want to help you bring the best mother's day gift you can find with all the health benefits that she will love! Help your mom feel even more fabulous this year.

Contact Us Today to get your gift card for Mother's Day!