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A Great Weight Loss Solution in Colorado Springs

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Praised for its health, recovery, and athletic performance benefits, Cryotherapy is a below-zero temperature treatment that has found its place among wellness and beauty enthusiasts around the world. If you’re looking for ways to lose weight in Colorado Springs, Nuwave Cryotherapy and Spa is the right partner to help you through it. Reaching a better standard of health is possible, and it’s time to focus on you.

More often than not, weight loss is easiest to put on the back burner while we focus on others. The reasons we develop bad habits or forget to take care of ourselves are simply born out of competing responsibilities: taking care of aging parents, building a career, or focusing on family. Now is the time to stop sacrificing for others and take the time to focus on yourself. 

Nuwave Cryotherapy and Spa is a Wellness Center in Colorado Springs that can help you on your personal weight loss journey with methods based on science. The theory behind cryotherapy is that it freezes fat cells throughout the body and kills them off. This causes them to be filtered out of the body by your lymphatic system and permanently removed from areas of fat tissue. In 2013, the Journal of Clinical Investigation did a study that found daily exposure to cold temperatures for 3 minutes a day over 6 weeks reduced total body fat by about 2 percent. When your body is exposed to extreme cold, the substance in your body called Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) burns fat to help make energy. This suggests that the body may have mechanisms for reducing fat due to cold temperatures. 

The process was invented in 1978 by Toshima Yamauchi, a Japanese medical doctor who was seeking a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. Early therapies involved applying freezing instruments to small, targeted areas of a person's body, and the process has evolved over time. Cryotherapy started to gain popularity in 200 when the Olympic rehabilitation center opened in Spala, Poland, featuring cryotherapy machines for training and injury rehabilitation.

There has been a surge of research studies published within the last 10 years that indicate Cryotherapy is a great option when it comes to boosting your health, whether recovering from injuries or losing weight. It works best when combined with other strategies for weight loss — like exercise. Researchers found that cryotherapy helped the body recover more quickly from exercise and reduce the effects of reactive oxygen species that can cause inflammation and weight gain over time. That means that Cryotherapy sessions can allow you to exercise more often due to a faster recovery time and experience fewer negative effects of stress and weight gain.

If you’re trying to lose weight in Colorado Springs, try a Cryo T-Shock treatment at Nuwave Cryotherapy and Spa. No other wellness center in Colorado Springs has this model, which is more advanced and more effective than the original one. It’s a better option than CoolSculpting, because there is no bulge left by a vacuum applicator. Instead, we use a single applicator that massages the skin and treatment area with cold temperatures. The duration depends on the size of the treatment area, but it is a safe and effective therapy method. This method reduces fat layers up to 20-25% and does not involve any tissue manipulation or anesthesia. most people can resume normal activities immediately and begin to notice a reduction in fat after a few weeks.

Cryotherapy not only helps you lose weight and recover from exercise quicker, but it can also help your body become better at processing glucose. In 2014, a study published in Diabetes spoke of participants that were exposed to increasingly cold temperatures and then increasingly warm temperatures every night for 4 months. Not necessarily linked to weight loss, this method increased sugar metabolism which can help you lose weight over time by helping your body better digest sugars that can otherwise be turned into body fat.

As one of the top New Years resolutions each year, weight loss is no simple feat. Millions of Americans make losing weight their top goal, and coincidingly it is also one of the top resolutions that fail. Weight loss should be less about the number on the scale and more about creating healthy habits. Often times, exercise is overdone and short-lived, because people “fall off the wagon” during their recovering time. Sore muscles and motivation to continue working out aren’t necessarily harmonious, especially for the beginner. Don’t forget about those who are looking to fix certain areas of their body, but no exercise will do the trick.

This is why Cryotherapy is a great treatment for everyone. Not only can it help you recover quicker — putting you back in the gym faster, it can also help with those stubborn areas that give you no relief. The best part of running a wellness center in Colorado Springs is seeing each client leave with big smiles on their faces. After experiencing an incredible treatment helping to address an issue which has been bothering them for a long time, hearing clients say they “have never slept better” or that they “can see the difference” is nothing short of pure fulfillment. 

Being able to help customers avoid negative feelings and self-criticism is gratifying. Meeting an objective is most successful when the end goal is less about a numerical result and more about a change in habit or attitude. Weight loss should be less about the number on the scale and more about creating healthy habits. We make it easier to stick to those healthy habits you are developing, while also offering benefits you can see and feel. Simplifying your goals is the best way to achieve them, so think about why you’re setting them and call us to help your on your journey.

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