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How To Use A Tanning Bed

Introduction To Indoor Tanning

If you happen to be new to indoor tanning, there are always things you should know about how it all works, like how to use a tanning bed. While this may sound simple on the surface, there is actually a plethora of information on the topic, and many different significant aspects of indoor tanning. We will attempt to explain the tanning process when using tanning beds, and offer you great tanning bed tips as well as terrific tanning tips in general. If you've never used a tanning bed before, but you want a beautiful, nice even tan with no more uneven tan lines or bathing suit tan lines, get the tanning results you're looking for with indoor tanning beds at your local tanning salon.

Tanning Bed Types

First off, let's discuss the main two types of indoor tanning beds there are, and which one is better. There are lay-down tanning beds and stand-up tanning beds.

Lay-Down Tanning Beds

By far the most common, lay down tanning beds have certain features some people find preferable to a stand up bed. For one thing, if you're prone to getting dizzy, especially in the heat, then you'll most likely prefer to lie down. In addition, if you're fair skinned and normally burn easily in natural sunlight, you may prefer a lay down tanning bed. This is due to the fact that the wattage of the UVB rays, emitted by the special tanning bulbs used in lay down versions, is lower than in stand up tanning sessions.

Stand Up Tanning Beds

Today, most people prefer using stand up tanning beds or tanning booths, primarily because of the quality of their tans. A tanning session in a stand up bed is shorter, and you tan faster than in a lay down bed. Additionally, a tanning booth allows for 360° degree tanning, which means no more uneven tanning and no need to worry about flipping or rotating your body. The wattage is increased typically to 160 watts in stand ups, as opposed to 100 watts in lay downs, giving the user the same results in a shorter tanning session. Lastly, stand up tanning beds are widely regarded as cleaner and more hygienic than lay down beds.

Skin Types

According to the FDA, there are 6 specific skin types, but only a couple of them need to worry about exposure to UV rays used in tanning salons. Different types of complexions are more sensitive than others, and if you're skin type 1, you should probably avoid UV rays altogether. Before going to any tanning salon, be sure you know your skin type so you can apply the appropriate tanning lotion and keep your skin moisturized with a light moisturizer. If you have skin type 1 especially, UV rays can have harmful side effects and have been known to cause skin cancer, so make sure you only tan the recommended amount of time in any tanning bed or booth.

Terrific Tanning Bed Tips

First of all, it is recommended to wear tanning goggles or glasses into a tanning booth to protect your eyes from UV rays. Using tan extenders is a good idea, and be sure to use lip balm to protect your lips. No one wants a spray tan or an unnatural looking tan, so for a nice, even base tan use a stand up tanning bed. Your tanning sessions should not exceed about 3 times a week, and you should wait 3 to 4 hours before taking a shower after you tan. If you shower too soon after tanning it can dull your tan, and also cover recently dyed hair and tattoos to prevent dulling.

Terrific Skin Type Tips

For one thing, listen to your body and be aware of your skin needs, and the time you spend in a tanning booth. Use tanning lotions and moisturize your skin with a light moisturizing lotion. Shower and exfoliate one day before your tanning session to maximize tanning results. A good tanning lotion with a tan extender that is appropriate for your skin type makes a huge difference when using a tanning bed. Moisturize your skin after tanning, and expose your skin to natural sunlight as much as possible in between sessions to maintain the darker pigmentation and maximize the length of your tan.

Tanning At NuWave

Indoor tanning at NuWave Cryotherapy Skin and Light Spa is especially beneficial because of our Wolff tanning bulbs, and the great source of vitamin D they provide. We offer complimentary eyewear for eye protection since the law dictates their use in tanning beds. We even have special tanning lights for your face, and stand up tanning booths for an even 360° degree tan. Our booths are clean and sanitary, and you'll love the spa atmosphere here at NuWave. We also offer whole body cryotherapy and isolated cryotherapy treatments as well as cryo facials and other spa treatments you'll enjoy. Book an appointment today at NuWave Cryotherapy Skin and Light Spa!

Additional Terrific Tanning Tips

Some additional terrific tanning tips are listed below:

  • Avoid wearing makeup, deodorants or perfumes to the tanning booth

  • Remove any jewelry or watches before tanning to avoid unsightly tan lines

  • Do not use tanning lotions designed for outdoor use

  • Remember to shower and exfoliate your skin at least one day before your tanning booth appointment

  • Moisturize your skin both before and after your tanning sessions for maximum skin protection

  • Use a tanning lotion or tan extender after every tanning visit to maximize tan

  • Any burning or stinging sensation on your skin is a signal to stop your tanning session immediately

  • If you do get a burn, use aloe vera products or fresh aloe to treat the affected skin

  • Pay attention to your skin type and only tan accordingly

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