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Skin Care Colorado Springs Loves!

Here at Nuwave Cryotherapy Skin & Light Spa we love to bring more beauty, understanding and overall better health to the Colorado Springs community! Today we would love to talk about why we provide skin care Colorado Springs' locals love and what services we provide that keep you wanting to come back for better skin health and overall confidence.

But first let's talk about what you should consider when it comes to skin care!

What Should I Consider When It Comes To Skin Care?

Skin care routines and treatments are used to maintain and improve quality of skin. If you’re suffering from skin problems such as acne, hyperpigmentation or even eczema, you can use a skincare solution to heal, improve and gain more confidence in the skin you're in.

Similar to how working out can help you to be healthy, lose weight or maintain your current beautiful state (yes, YOU are beautiful!), a skin care solution or treatment can be to resolve a skin problem, or it can just be to make sure that your skin is as glowing, beautiful and healthy as possible.

So when you start to think about skin care, make sure you know your skin type, your skin issues, and a trusted skin specialist for the best solutions for your skin.

Isolated Cryo (Spot) Treatment & Cryo Facials

2021 is a year of discovering the wonderful benefits of new aged technology for all things health related, including your skin! And that leaves us to one of biggest trends in the last five years, Cryotherapy.

Although cryotherapy has been around for a long time, its benefits for common skin and muscle problems have been growing in popularity! When it comes to your skin care (anywhere on the body), many dermatologists are suggesting the use of cryotherapy for facials and spot treatments. This applies for all types of skin care not just for the face!

What Is A Isolated Cryo (Spot) Treatment & Cryotherapy Facials?

Isolated Cryotherapy Treatments

Unlike whole body cryotherapy, Cryotherapy Isolated (Spot) Treatments helps expose specific parts of the skin to ultra low temperatures between the range of -30˚F and -34˚F for short amounts of time. (similar to putting a frozen bag of vegetables on a bruised limb for pain relief- but much more efficient and effective!)

When considering this treatment for yourself, keep in mind that our mission is to achieve optimal vitality and longevity. This spot treatment can be great for many issues that don't just focus on your face like eczema, shingle nerve damage, and more!

Cryotherapy Facials

Cryotherapy Facials are when we only apply the cold treatment to the face. Many people can use this process to reverse or prevent symptoms of aging, while also helping bring forth the smooth and clear layer of the skin.

This is done by briefly freezing the outer layer of the skin, this helps get to the deeper layers of collagen and once disrupted it responds by producing more collagen, especially helping with acne scarring. This results in skin regaining elasticity and appears both smoother and younger! We also love to offer our LED Light Therapy to enhance your cryotherapy facials. This helps smooths fine lines and wrinkles, prevents breakouts and more!

What Can Cryo Spot & Facial Treatments Help With?

No matter which one is needed for your skin, both will provide amazing benefits and help you reach your skin care goals! Dermatologist even suggest the use of cryotherapy for your skin care solution and we are happy to say a lot of our clients come from trusted Dermatologists!

Common Issues Cryotherapy Spot and Facial Treatments Help With:

  • Hyper Pigmentation of Skin

  • Eczema

  • Rosacea

  • Acne Scarring

  • Wrinkles & Fine Lines

  • Oily or Dry Skin

  • Acne Prone Skin

  • Inflammation

  • Tissue or Cell Damage

  • Shingle Nerve Damage

  • Carpal Tunnel

  • Arthritis

  • & More!

We love to use our LED Light Treatments with our Cryotherapy Services because it not only helps promote collagen production, but it also breaks down toxins stored in the layers of the skin and helps flush them away for good. This will reduce blemishes and wrinkles, smooth out facial lines, and makes a tighter appearance within a only a few minutes.

Why Nuwave Offers The Best Skin Care in Colorado Springs!

As experts in cryotherapy, our experience and expertise in Cryotherapy Facials and Isolated Cryotherapy is superb! When considering NuWave Cryotherapy as your go-to spa for skin care Colorado Springs, know that we offer Cryotherapy Spot Treatments and Cryotherapy Facials & LED Light Treatments.

When you choose NuWave, you choose not having to be exposed to Nitrogen. Normally, (in other less experienced cryotherapy spas) liquid nitrogen is applied directly to the skin, evaporating when the heat from the skin transfers to the liquid nitrogen. We make sure to help avoid things like cold burns and frostbite by using Electric Cryotherapy so you can receive the same benefits without the harmful risk of tissue damage and unnecessary gases.

We would love to show you in person why we provide the best skin care Colorado Springs locals love! So Schedule Your Consultation Today Or

Call Our Office 719-596-4444 to ask any additional questions you may have about skin care treatment that works for you!

Hope to see you soon! And if you'd like to read more about Cryotherapy, make sure to check out our blog on The History of Cryotherapy!

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