Isolated Cryo
Facial Special

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Cryo T-Shock
Pack Discount

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Cryo T-Shock Facial Special

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Celluma LED

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Many of our services can be grouped together to benefit your special needs and as client you will receive special discounts and promos at varies times of the year. Please ask us about our packages and bundles of services that will help  you to achieve your goals and expectations. 
Our Expectations of our clients:

As a NuWave Skin and Light Therapy client, you agree to the following terms...

You will work with us to help achieve your desired goals.

We expect you to be honest and realistic about what you would like to achieve. We would want you to work hand and hand to accomplish those goals. 

Take a positive view of your accomplishments and enjoy your new skin and new mental attitude.

We at NuWave are here for you and find great joy in trying to help you meet your needs. 

We are just like you and we also have struggled with issues whether it be weight gain, pain or acne and this is one thing we back.....Products with results.

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