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What Is Celluma LED Light Therapy?

Let There Be Light: Therapy

If you are like most American men and women today, you're interested in aesthetics, as well as health issues. especially when they pertain to more natural or holistic approaches. Keeping up with new trends and treatments is definitely a challenge, especially in this digital age of marketing. If it's all got you wondering things like, what is celluma LED light therapy? Then you've come to the right place!

NuWave Cryotherapy Skin and Light Spa have a variety of new, revolutionary self-care treatments we believe to be done in a better way, for optimal results. Light therapy is probably something you've at least heard a little bit about. If it sounds - well, shady, for lack of a better term - then let's shed some light on the subject, and make things downright illuminating, shall we?

Light Therapy 101

Celluma LED light therapy, also called phototherapy, which is also known as photo biostimulation, is a process in which LED light therapy devices emit photons that are absorbed by the mitochondria and surrounding cell membranes in the eyes. This results in the startup of a host of metabolic functions that provide a multitude of benefits for a variety of health conditions, including pain It works similar to the way plants use photosynthesis, but for people! It uses light energy from blue light, red and near infrared light, targeting specific areas. This results in reaping benefits such as total skin rejuvenation.

Benefits of 'The Light'

Basking in the spotlight, after a while we may ask, why are we doing this, again-?? Oh yes, the benefits! Let's talk about the three types of added benefits you should consider by incorporating LED light therapy to your whole body wellness menu at NuWave. You will love our Celluma LED light therapy facial, or choose our infrared light sauna, where we also incorporate light therapy. NuWave also offers the newest treatments in cryotherapy, including our cryo facial, so visit our spa today!

Anti Aging Benefits

Celluma LED light therapy offers anti aging benefits like diminishing fine lines and wrinkles through collagen and elastin production in the skin. You can choose red light therapy with either the red or near infrared setting, to penetrate into the layers of skin where wrinkles and fine lines form. People who want to reduce the signs of aging and have more collagen production, which results in less fine lines and wrinkles, use celluma LED light therapy.

At NuWave Cryotherapy Skin and Light Spa, we offer several different types of facials that include the use of celluma LED light therapy, and some options even combine different cryotherapy treatments, as well! Our facials are well known for their anti aging benefits and reduction of wrinkles on the face, as well as other visible signs of aging. Speak to Kim or Sherri today about what option is best, for the results you want!

Acne Removal Benefits

If you suffer from acne breakouts and/or blemishes on your face or skin, use red light therapy to help minimize breakouts. Acne is not just a problem for teenagers, unfortunately, it affects adults too. It is caused by dead skin cells and oil called sebum getting into hair follicles and plugging up the holes. Then acne bacteria called P. acne bacteria (yes, appropriate!) infect them, causing redness and inflammation.

The blue light on our celluma LED light therapy device emits specialized wavelengths of light that trigger an all-natural effect in human tissue that kills this bacteria. At the same time, the red light therapy from the device decreases swelling and improves skin tone and texture. All celluma LED light therapy devices emit blue, red and near infrared lighting, and three different combinations of these, depending on your skin care focus.

Pain Management

The other main thing celluma LED light therapy offers as one of the huge benefits of its use is pain relief. It can actually help heal broken bones and injuries faster, helps reduce pain from shingles, planters fasciitis, and carpal tunnel. The red light and the near-infrared light from a celluma light therapy device or LED panel penetrates the skin to a much deeper level. It works by targeting the muscle and joint tissue, deep below the surface of the skin, on a cellular level. This form of LED light therapy is clinically proven to reduce pain and inflammation, helps heal broken bones and injuries faster, and has been FDA cleared for these purposes.

To harness and use the power of LED light energy to absorb and then use for improving cellular performance within the body, is one of the most natural yet effective methods of pain management we can find.

Functions of Celluma

Celluma is a brand name of LED light therapy devices that use the power of light energy and specific wavelengths to manage pain in the body.

This energy is absorbed and used to stimulate cellular processes which improve performance and help to ease pain and inflammation. The light energy also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, which results in an anti aging effect. Many people find these anti aging effects to be nothing short of miraculous, diminishing wrinkles significantly in just one session. Collagen and elastin are important components in the skin known to help reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging, especially on the skin of the face.

Acne is another specific problem that is addressed by LED light therapy. Acne is a problem more people suffer from than don't, and the scars from acne that can be left on the face and skin are often deep. Acne bacteria is killed by the LED light therapy wavelengths by absorbing the energy and then transforming that energy to the cellular level to improve function and performance.

More on Celluma

Celluma LED light therapy has several different models such as the Celluma Elite, Celluma Lite, the Celluma Skin and the Celluma Pro.

All of these LED panels use blue, near infrared and red light therapy waves to treat all kinds of pain in the body through absorption of the skin. It has 3 settings for the treatment of pain, acne and anti aging effects.

Depending on what you're treating, you can choose the Celluma Pro, Celluma Lite, Celluma Elite, Celluma Skin or any other Celluma LED light therapy device.

Here at NuWave Cryotherapy Skin and Light Spa, we find this treatment to be good for patients who want a non-invasive, drug-free option for treating pain, acne and reducing the signs of aging. Book an appointment right here online, today! Also check out our post on how often should you get a facial.

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