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Where To Get Facials Colorado Springs Loves

In Need Of Something Unique?

If you are looking for a facial, Colorado Springs has many places and types to choose from. But when you want to know where to get facials Colorado Springs is euphoric about, come to NuWave Cryotherapy Skin and Light Spa for a unique cryo facial.

We all lead busy lives, it seems, constantly in pursuit of attempting to master the art of multitasking. Many people try to juggle a career, kids, school, household management and more. We find ourselves bending over backwards to make other people happy, and especially those we care about. When do you find the time for taking care of your needs, and your health?

It's no surprise that 60% of adults feel daily stress and worry. What is a surprise, is that the American Medical Association says that stress is the basic cause of more than 60% of all human illness and disease. That, my friends, is quite a statement! So if this sounds like your life, you are in desperate need of some "R and R" - rest and relaxation!

Relax And Rejuvenate!

NuWave Cryotherapy Skin and Light Spa in Colorado Springs has revolutionary spa services like cryo facials and whole body cryotherapy. Give your body the treatment it needs for relaxation, detoxification and rejuvenation. Experience what everyone is raving about, in their peaceful and healing atmosphere. A cryo facial treatment is a service that will leave your face looking beautiful and young, and your skin feeling soft, glowing and healthy.

Your well being is paramount, and like it or not, almost all of us care about what we look like. So give your skin the treatment and services it deserves, and get a cryo facial. This safe, non-invasive procedure will exceed all of your expectations, and give you the best results in a facial you've ever seen. Your skin will thank you, and you will feel invigorated and a sense of overall wellness.

You Only Get One Body

Since we only get one body, it's important to take good care of our skin. But many of us have questions about skin care. We may have skin concerns like acne scars, uneven skin tone, the appearance of aging such as lines or wrinkles, blemishes, scarring, large pores, dark circles and others.

One of the more common issues or areas of concern is acne, which in particular can leave unsightly scars. Another popular reason for using cryotherapy techniques and getting cryo facial services is to reduce the signs of aging. Many celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore, Katy Perry, Will Smith, Daniel Craig and Kevin Hart have openly admitted using cryotherapy to help keep up their youthful appearance. OK, it has been found to be effective as an anti-aging technique, but how does it work? What Is A Cryo Facial?

A cryo facial involves using cryogenically cooled air between -30° F and -34° F on your face for short amounts of time. This aids the skin in its ability to renew itself by activating collagen production and increasing blood flow. This service or procedure produces results like tightening and toning your skin yet retaining its elasticity, thus reducing wrinkles and fine lines. It reduces blemishes, reduces dark circles and puffiness, and decreases pore size.

A cryo facial also reduces damage that occurs to your skin cells, aiding the healing process in deep tissue and repairing cell damage. By briefly freezing the outer layer of skin, toxins that are stored in deeper layers are broken down and flushed away, also providing a detoxification effect for the skin on your face. Most people feel energized and revitalized after cryo facial treatments. The results speak for themselves.

Try Something New And Different

Peel away that layer of toxicity and make a change! Book an appointment for a cryo facial, and visit NuWave Cryotherapy Skin and Light Spa. It could be the basis for one of the best changes you can make for yourself, and how you look. They have many different packages you can choose from to make your visits more cost-effective, so ask for details. Make a New Year's resolution to take better care of your body, spirit and mind, and embrace it once and for all.

We all have a hard time with any disruptions to our routine, as well as with trying new things. But once we get past the procrastination, often we catch ourselves wondering why we waited so long. The truth is, change is the only way we can progress and move forward in life. So what are you waiting for? The NuWave Difference

At NuWave Cryotherapy Skin and Light Spa they use electric cryotherapy treatments for their cryo facials, as opposed to liquid nitrogen gas, to avoid the possibility of cold burns or frostbite. The spa has a setting with a feeling of warmth and tranquility, giving you a peace of mind rarely experienced and treasured greatly. There are a variety of choices in spa treatments and packages, like a cryo facial with L.E.D. light therapy treatment, an isolated / spot cryotherapy session, or even just whole body cryotherapy (WBC) treatments.

If you've never tried anything like this, it's an exhilarating and uplifting feeling you will love from the start. The key to experiencing a feeling of balance and harmony instead of discombobulation and misdirection is within your reach. Everyone wants to look their best, and has the right to pursue it and make it a goal. Use your key wisely!

Cryo facials are definitely a unique approach, but really an ancient remedy for many ailments that at least goes all the way back to the Egyptians. Cryotherapy is just a more efficient way of administering what is commonly known as cold therapy. It's the same idea as putting an ice pack on an injury, and why so many athletes use WBC treatments.

So try something new and visit this spa, so you can experience the NuWave difference for yourself! Book an appointment online or by phone today. If you are also curious how cold is cryotherapy check out our post today!

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