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Tanning Bed in Colorado Springs

Here at Nuwave Cryotherapy Skin & Light Spa, we believe in providing services that make you feel invigorated and healthier, restoring vitality and confidence.

From our cryotherapy facials to our new, state-of-the-art tanning booth, we promote and support treatments that improve your body's well-being and therefore reduce your stress level.

Pamper yourself a little in our spa environment, and visit our new tanning booth. Relax under the warmth of the special, high quality Wolff tanning light bulbs, and feel all your cares and worries melt away!

We even have special tanning lights for tanning your face, and because it's a booth instead of a bed, you get an even, 360 degree tan all over, all at once.

Our tanning booth is so clean, and much more sanitary than traditional tanning beds, where other people have laid and sweat before you.

Our special Wolff tanning bulbs are even a great source of Vitamin D. You're going to love this new addition! 


The Tanning Bed:

Our bodies tan when we're exposed to the sunlight for an extended period of time, and is our body's way of guarding the skin against burning.

This is important to remember, no matter whether you're in the natural sunlight or under tanning booth lights, as your skin is a very sensitive organ. If you want to get a terrific tan all over your body but keep your skin from burning, doing it in a sun tanning bed gives you the best option for controlling your tan to be exactly the way you want it.

There are some simple tips you should follow when doing so, to make it safest and also most effective, for the time you have. Although you may want to get your beautiful tan as quickly as you can, there is a safe way to do it so you put yourself at as little of a risk as possible. Have your skin type assessed first, so you know what type of oils and lotions to use.

Once you've done this, you should also follow the tips for preparing your skin that we have listed below. 

Preparing Your Skin 

There are many things you should do to prepare your skin for the tanning booth. These tips will help you to make the most of the time you have inside.

Remove any make-up and avoid wearing any deodorant or perfume.

Remove any jewelry including watches and rings, to avoid any blotches or lines while tanning.

Always remember to shower and exfoliate beforehand, and moisturize your skin. Recently exfoliated, well-hydrated skin holds a better tan.

Use some Chapstick or lip balm to protect your lips from burning or getting dried out. Apply the appropriate tanning lotion for your skin type immediately before tanning.

Remember, you cannot use tanning lotions designed for outdoor use.

The law dictates that you must wear protective eyewear, thankfully, here at Nuwave Cryotherapy Spa we offer complimentary eyewear. If tanning in the nude, be extra careful with sensitive areas that are not accustomed to the sun, and cover them for most of your first visit, slowly building up their tolerance as you go.

If you experience any stinging sensation on your skin, stop tanning immediately to avoid burning or blistering it further. 

Timing, Tips & Information 

You can still get burned in a tanning booth. If you do, you can use an aloe vera based product or even fresh aloe vera to treat any redness. Always remember to use a tanning lotion or tanning extender after each visit. If you take medication, be sure to talk to your doctor before tanning to make sure your medications aren't "photosensitive", meaning they are weakened or otherwise affected by UV exposure.

Remember to exfoliate once a week or so, and time it right so you do this 24-48 hours before visiting the tanning booth, if possible. Don't over-exfoliate, though, as it can also strip away layers of the skin and reduce the life of your tan.

Remember to moisturize your skin regularly, as tanning can dry your skin out. Moisturize especially before and after your tanning sessions, since the skin holds any color better and longer when it's properly hydrated. Wait for at least 36-48 hours between each visit to tan, as it takes time to fully develop in between, plus helps your skin gradually get accustomed to the UV light.

To get to the golden shade you want, 2-3 times a week is ideal. Once you get the shade you want, you can maintain it by going just 1 or 2 times a week.

Take good care of your skin, because daily life is harsh enough. After all, it's what keeps us together! If it's your first time in a tanning booth, tan for less than 6-8 minutes to start. Depending on your skin type, it typically takes approximately 3-5 visits to see the results from a tanning session.

For the absolute best cryotherapy and tanning salon Colorado Springs has to offer, visit us here at Nuwave Cryotherapy Skin & Light Spa.

Indoor Tanning Lotions/Tan Accelerators 

Traditional "suntan lotion" doesn't work in your favor when you're in a tanning salon. It can harm expensive equipment and does not have any redeeming qualities to help safely accelerate your tan.

Also, by using a product specially designed for indoor tanning, you will be contributing to obtaining the optimum results from the time you pay for in the tanning booth. What you need instead, is commonly referred to as an indoor tanning lotion or bronzer, or a tan accelerator.

These products are specifically created to work with indoor tanning salon lights, and have a specialized formula that interacts with your skin and makes it tingle, in some cases. If you get a product with a built-in bronzer, which most brands carry and are very popular, it works together with the tanning booth sessions to create a beautiful, all-over tan.

We sell products here at Nuwave if you need assistance choosing one.

And just remember, the absolute best tanning salon Colorado Springs has for you, is right here at Nuwave Cryotherapy Skin & Light Spa


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