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Cryotherapy For Athletes

Cryotherapy is something that has been around for a long time and is growing in popularity due to its amazing health benefits!

If you are physically active and looking for ways to help injuries recover fast, relieve intense pain and gain optimal health benefits then cryotherapy for athletes is your best solution!

Nuwave Cryotherapy will love to help you understand what exactly cryotherapy is, how it helps active individuals and which athletes and celebrities are already raving about it's amazing benefits!

What Is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy, also known as cryogenic therapy, is really just another extreme version of cold therapy - the equivalent of putting an ice pack on sore muscles. Only much more effectively, and of course, the cold is colder - but completely safe.

Larger scale can include whole body cryotherapy (WBC). While small-scale cryotherapy can include ice bath immersion, cryo-spot therapy or cryotherapy facials that provide awesome healing benefits for acne and even helps with acne scaring.

Whole Bodys Cryotherapy (WBC)

The WBC that we know today was first introduced in 1978 from Japan. Dr. Yamaguchi used freezing cold therapy to help treat pains from rheumatoid arthritis. He used this type of cold therapy on the surface of the skin and in short session durations. Although it can be found being used by the Egyptians, Dr. Yamaguchi really helped spike the interest for the western world.

Whole body cryotherapy is a chamber you step into from neck to toe (your head is exposed) with very little clothing on. Then, vapors of liquid nitrogen gas reach your body, at between -200° and -300° degrees Fahrenheit - for short, 2 to 4 minute bursts at a time.

Clients report feeling a type of euphoria or exhilaration afterwards, more energy, improved mood and more. If you haven't heard about cryotherapy, you are definitely missing out on all for the amazing health benefits!

NuWave Cryotherapy Skin and Light Spa is a leader in this revolutionary cutting edge technology, with our whole body cryotherapy chambers and treatments for isolated cryotherapy. We also specialize in safe-for-the-face electric cryotherapy, with our "cryo-facials" and their anti aging benefits! So come in and see us today, and try this innovative and effective approach for yourself!

The Origins of Cold Therapy

Believe it or not, the first known medical text, the Edwin Smith Papyrus, which dates back to 3500 B.C., makes several references to using cold as therapy. In 2500 B.C., the Egyptians used cold to treat swelling and injuries.

Hippocrates in 400 B.C. used cold to treat pain and inflammation. So as you can see, some version of this has been used as far back as is recorded. Whole body cryotherapy is like an ice pack for your entire body - on steroids! A safe and effective treatment for athletes or anyone wanting to experience these benefits for themselves.

How It Works

Cryotherapy works by decreasing the blood flow to the surface of the skin and reducing inflammation that causes pain. But the thing about WBC is there are multiple other things that happen within the body as a result of being exposed to such cold temperatures.

When that happens, the body reacts with instant survival mode, and several different things happen.

First of all, when your body's skin and spinal cord detect very cold temperatures, the blood rushes from your extremities directly inward, to protect the vital internal organs. It constricts your muscles to shiver, thus producing energy and warmth to your outer body.


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When that happens, the body also begins burning the food it has stored for energy and fat is burned at a high rate.

Just 2 or 3 minutes in a cryotherapy chamber burns 600 to 800 calories, and speeds up your metabolic rate.

Cells die on the surface of your skin and then regenerate as soon as the temperatures increase again.

In a way, the processes that start and stop again, causing other effects and everything else that happens, results in a cleansing or detoxing effect on some of your body's vital systems. Multiple benefits are reaped by different systems.

Benefits for Athletes

WBC is popular among many athletes of all types and ages for its healing effects.

This ultimate cold therapy is good for athletes, particularly, due to their extreme workouts and schedules, because it gives them faster recovery times and guards against delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) - the natural enemy of all serious athletes.


An unfamiliar or extremely rigorous workout or routine will typically affect any athlete with symptoms from DOMS. Whole body cryotherapy helps both the symptoms and the recovery time significantly.

DOMS stands for delayed onset muscle soreness, and is something any athlete worth his or her salt experiences often. In fact, anyone who has ever pushed themselves past what they believed to be their physical "limitations", has experienced DOMS for themselves. Recovery times can be slow and painful, which can quickly become a catastrophe for an athlete on a performance schedule.

Additional Benefits

But this is only the beginning! Athletes have known how well cryotherapy works for them for decades, and in addition to helping delayed onset muscle soreness, offers benefits for athletes like:

  • Recovery time is faster

  • Helps improve performance and endurance

  • Minimizes fatigue and tiredness

  • Increased resistance to strain

  • Increased flexibility and range of motion

  • Reduced swelling and inflammation

  • Induces pain relief

  • Helps boost the immune system

  • Helps tissue repair

  • Boosts energy from release of adrenaline and endorphins

Athletes everywhere are enjoying the benefits from WBC, and shouting its praises! Keep reading to find out which athletes, celebrities and entire professional sports teams are using whole body cryotherapy!

Well Known Athletes & Celebrities' That Use WBC

The list goes on and on, and the really amazing thing is noting the huge names of professional athletes, like Shaquille O'neal and Lebron James, and now the entire professional sports teams, like:

  • New York Knicks

  • Dallas Cowboys

  • Green Bay Packers

  • Denver Broncos

  • L.A. Lakers

  • Phoenix Suns

  • Dallas Mavericks

There's no shortage of celebrities who swear by cryotherapy these days. Will Smith is a pioneer of the treatment, and other celebrities include:

  • Jennifer Aniston

  • Daniel Craig

  • Kevin Hart

  • Katy Perry

  • Demi Moore

  • Alicia Keys

  • Lindsay Lohan

  • Justin Timberlake

  • Mandy Moore

  • Harry Connick Jr.

  • Mark Wahlberg

Other Types Cryotherapy Treatments

In isolated cryotherapy, also known as spot or localized cryotherapy, a technician has a sort of handheld wand, and applies the below freezing treatment just to the area that's causing you problems.

At NuWave, we specialize in cryotherapy facials we call "cryo facials" which offer anti aging benefits plus multiple others. For these treatments, we use electric cryotherapy (at -30° F to -34° F, for short amounts of time), because it's so much safer than nitrogen gases, especially around the face area.

Check out the most innovative Colorado Springs facials with cryo-facials at Nuwave Cryotherapy Skin & Light Spa!

Cryo T-shock is skin to cool sculpting but better, and uses both hot and cold to destroy fat cells and reform the body.

Cryotherapy and Other Services at NuWave

Here is a list of services we provide at NuWave Cryotherapy Skin and Light Spa:

  • WBC - whole body cryotherapy

  • Isolated cryotherapy

  • Cryo T-shock (Cryoskin)

  • Cryo facials

  • Celluma light therapy

  • Infrared light sauna

  • Tanning beds

  • Zyto health scan

Summer is here and its time to get prepared in the most health effective way possible! So if you are physically active, an athlete or just someone who wants to receive all the amazing health benefits of cryotherapy, make sure you contact us today to set up your first appointment! Also check out our post on 10 great Mother's Day gift ideas for health & wellness.

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